Acting officer-in-charge Sergeant Terry McCullough warns of a strong police presence on roads this silly season.
Acting officer-in-charge Sergeant Terry McCullough warns of a strong police presence on roads this silly season.

Police crack down on motorists

IT is the start of the silly season and already there have been enough bloody idiots drink driving on our roads this year, police say.

Acting officer-in-charge Sergeant Terry McCullough warned officers would be out in force with increased random breath tests planned for the Emerald district in the lead-up to Christmas.

Central Queensland News obtained the top 10 blood alcohol readings for 2011 to date with a 53-year-old woman who was five-and-half times the legal limit taking the crown for this year's worst drink driver.

"Being more than five times over the limit is just atrocious and there is absolutely no excuse for that whatsoever," Sgt McCullough said.

"No one can justify that type of reading.

"I urge others to think of the dire ramifications to themselves and their families and other road users."

Sgt McCullough said Emerald police conduct between 600 and 700 random breath tests a month in the district and guaranteed random breath tests would be increased coming into Christmas.

"The odds of being randomly breath tested are very high," he said.

"If you drink and drive you are running a very real risk of being apprehended, and recent changes in legislation also mean you will be immediately disqualified if you are over 0.1%. If you are caught drink driving you will face court with high fines and a period of disqualification."

Speedsters will also be targeted this holiday season as Central Queensland News also obtained the top ten speeds caught by police in the Emerald district.

The highest speed of 201kmh in an 80kmh zone was caught by police on the Gregory Hwy by a 34-year-old woman who was initially recorded doing 103kmh and increased to 201kmh upon seeing police.

"I am absolutely appalled at those speeds - what is particularly disturbing are the speeds in the built up areas," Sgt McCullough said of the second and third top speeds.

"They were dealt with harshly… all those speeds incurred a loss of licence regardless and (those speeding) were disqualified for six months and lost eight demerit points."

"We won't tolerate speeding."

Sgt McCullough reminded motorists speeding contributed to a lot of traffic accidents and urged caution while on the road.

"Coming into Christmas expect higher police profile on the highways and roads," he said. "If you speed you will get caught."

Top 10 BAC in Emerald











Top 10 speeds recorded in Emerald 

201kmh in 80kmh zone

125kmh in 60kmh zone

95kmh in 50kmh zone

162kmh in 100kmh zone

158kmh in 100kmh zone

154kmh in 100kmh zone

152kmh in 100kmh zone

149kmh in 100kmh zone

141kmh in 100kmh zone

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