Taylor Lautner, star of the new film Abduction, is still stuck in the
Taylor Lautner, star of the new film Abduction, is still stuck in the "Twilight" zone. Supplied- Roadshow

Movie review: Abduction

TAYLOR Lautner is brooding, shirtless, and ripped for the part - but this time he is not trying to win Bella's heart.

The new film Abduction is about Nathan Harper (Lautner) who is a seemingly normal teenage boy in high school. He parties with his friends, feels misunderstood and has a crush on a girl who he is too shy to talk to. Oh, and he has intense fights with his dad, with a bit of boxing and martial arts thrown in there.

But while working on a school assignment, he stumbles upon a missing childrens website and realises that he is one of the missing children.

What follows is an action-packed adventure where Lautner tries to outsmart and outrun CIA agents and foreign assassins, who want him as badly as his legion of teen fans.

Along the way, he discovers his true identity and - not to disappoint the female audience - falls in love with the girl next door.

Abduction is purely an action star vehicle for Lautner, made to showcase his martial arts skills. However, the action scenes were very underwhelming.

The movie tries to differentiate his character Nathan from his famed role as Jacob in the Twilight saga, but this attempt fails miserably.

Despite a talented cast that includes Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello and Alfred Molina, this film suffers from a poorly-written script filled with clichés and unrealistic dialogue. Lautner's acting was not inspiring, but with such a weak script, none of the actors impressed.

Abduction does deserve some credit, though. The filmmakers knew its target audience and gave them exactly what they wanted - a (sometimes) half-naked Taylor Lautner on a dangerous and romantic journey.

Tween and teen girls will enjoy this film and, unlike non-Taylor Lautner fans, will be getting their money's worth.

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