BACK TO SCHOOL: Emerald Christian College principal Graeme Johnston and MP Lachlan Millar.
BACK TO SCHOOL: Emerald Christian College principal Graeme Johnston and MP Lachlan Millar. Contributed

MP supports private school to satisfy demand

MEMBER for Gregory Lachlan Millar believes the demand for a dedicated school for children with special needs has been apparent in the region for some years.

"Sadly, the Central Highlands doesn't have a dedicated school for those with special needs,” Mr Millar said.

"It's expected organisations such as BuskKids must help provide services, to put more workload on our hard- working teachers and teachers aids, or sadly parents are expected to move to Rockhampton where there are dedicated schools.

"Over the last few years I've had discussions with a number of families throughout the region who expressed interest in the service but there isn't the funding locally for a dedicated State Government school.

"That's where Graeme Johnston has stepped in and has been pushing for a private school to help service these families.”

Mr Millar said every family deserves access to the best school care, regardless of circumstance.

"The same as we would help deliver services to students excelling in STEM subjects, we need to ensure that those with difficulties have the proper assistance but more importantly, have that assistance easily accessible and local,” he said.

Mr Millar said as with any issue, personal stories create a stronger argument than political promises.

"This is why it's so vital to register your interest with Graeme, so that we have firm numbers of the families likely to use the service when provided in the region,” he said.

"From there, I'll be lobbying for the State Government to assist to provide these services, so that families in our community get the best services possible and get them locally.

"The best way families can help is to register their interest with Graeme.”

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