Mum has school holiday blues

THE last lot of school holidays were my first 'foray' into having the kids home for two weeks. 

I had everything planned for a mass Mummy-Boys bonding session.  

It included excursions, theme parks, donuts at Centro and play dates at the big playground at the duckponds - but as I also have to juggle a full time job - it ended up in an excessive use of television and computer games to entertain them.

To tell the truth I was glad when school started again.

This school holidays I thought I'd try something different. 

The boys got shipped off to Grandma's house - for the week! 

Grandma lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere but has quad bikes and cows, horses and puppies. 

Both my husband and I were delirious with glee! 

A whole week, just the two of us.  A whole week of watching whatever we like on the TV - and being able to watch a show THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. 

Of being able to go to the toilet without having an audience…..  Of cooking whatever I like for dinner and not hearing the 'I don't like it'.  It was going to be a luxury couples getaway, except better because I didn't have to leave the house.

It was going to be EPIC!!!!

So why is it, after a mere three days without them, I find myself counting down the days until we can go back and pick them up?

My house feels eerily quiet, I find myself uncomfortable in the cleanliness of a tidy playroom and bedrooms.

My sleep-ins are non-existent, as my body clock is hard-wired for my usual 6am wake-up call of little arms and legs splayed out in my bed, and all efforts in personal hygiene and grooming are severely lacking as there is no need to leave the house.

The only thing that seems to remain the same is the diminishing food supply, as I seem to be compensating for the boys absence by eating my way through their allocated food allowance, as well as my own. 

The truth is, I'm a mess.

The irony is not lost on me of all those old clichés where you don't know what you've got til it's gone, or when reality fails to live up to expectations, but I'm thinking that missing my kids so much and not recognising my life without them doesn't really make me a complete nutjob, it just makes me a Mum!

Jody Allen is the Chief Editor and Owner of Stay at Home Mum (

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