Gatton resident Val Bradshaw is one of the last 10 psychic contestants on The One.
Gatton resident Val Bradshaw is one of the last 10 psychic contestants on The One. Sarah Harvey

Could psychic Val be The One?

VAL Bradshaw might seem like your average mum-of-two, but this Gatton woman has an unnerving sixth sense.

And the medium's psychic abilities are now being put to the test in front of a nationwide audience on Channel 7's reality TV show, The One.

She was specially chosen to be among the show's top 10 psychics after the station launched a hunt for Australia's most accurate psychics.

Her clairvoyant powers were honed while Mrs Bradshaw was living in Harrisville and then Gatton after she realised in her 20s that she had a special gift.

Mrs Bradshaw has since used her powers to connect with the spirits of local people's bereaved family members and friends, predict the genders of unborn babies, and generally guide Gatton people through the spirit world.

"For me, it's about helping people connect with lost loved ones or resolve relationship issues by giving them messages from spirits I connect with.

"In one particular case, a lady lost her daughter, and re-connecting through me really helped the grieving process," Mrs Bradshaw said.

The medium said that messages from spirits manifest in different ways.

"Sometimes I'll have an internal vision that I have to describe, and other times I'll feel an ailment or emotion that the spirit was feeling.

"They (the spirits) are always there and sometimes you have to shut them out," Mrs Bradshaw said.

At 49, she believes she is at the top of her psychic game.

"Becoming a medium is like riding a bike - the more practice, the more you put yourself out there, the more fears you overcome, the better you will be," Mrs Bradshaw said.

Mrs Bradshaw said her experience on The One has been both challenging and "mindblowing."

"The challenges are completely different to the sort of work I do, and it was very difficult to tune in to my guides on command.

"I've learnt a lot from the show, it's been a real personal journey."

Mrs Bradshaw can't reveal, yet, how she performs in the contest, but viewers can see her in action next Wednesday at 7.30pm.

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