Local mum-to-be Marette Keirnan has great advice.
Local mum-to-be Marette Keirnan has great advice. Chrissy Harris

Mums avoid excess kilos

IT’S no secret that weight gain is an important and vital part of pregnancy, but how much is too much?

According to the Jean Hailes Foundation for Women’s Health, excessive weight gain during pregnancy can cause problems for both mum and bub and can result in health issues such as gestational diabetes.

Expectant mum Marette Keirnan has gained a healthy amount of weight during her pregnancy and said excessive weight gain was easy to avoid as long as you were sensible.

“I haven’t had to buy any new pants or anything, which is great,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure the only weight I’ve really put on is in my belly.”

At 34 weeks, still being able to get into your jeans is quite an achievement.

Ms Keirnan said the secret was to go with the flow and listen to what your body tells you, without going overboard.

“I still indulged my cravings – there was one phase where I was drinking a lot of Milo – but I also just try to eat healthily,” she said.

Ms Keirnan recommends fresh fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish as nutrient-rich foods that are great to eat when pregnant.

“I’ve been eating a lot of fish and veggie bakes. We don’t shallow fry our fish either, we just batter it and use canola spray.”

Ms Keirnan also dismisses the idea of “eating-for-two”.

“Don’t go and eat 10 million blocks of chocolate just because you’re pregnant and can get away with the extra weight,” she said.

“Just listen to your body, try to stay healthy and eat when you feel like it.”

Exercise is also a great way to keep in shape, both during and after pregnancy.

Mum of two Danielle Mackenzie attributes her gym membership and running around with her children as they best way to keep in shape.

Ways to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy:

  • Keep moving. Walking is a good way for pregnant women to exercise
  • Ditch the “I’m-eating-for-two” mentality
  • Weigh yourself occasionally so that you are aware of how much you’re gaining

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