Two men from Wattle Camp and Booie have been charged.
Two men from Wattle Camp and Booie have been charged. Tessa Mapstone

Murder victim's face smashed in with metal bar, court hears

A COURT has heard a Bundaberg man and a co-accused bashed a man's face in with a metal bar in a brutal 2001 Gold Coast killing.

Bundaberg man Shane Anthony Eric Hansen and Dean Mark Wills have pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering Darren Britza in 2001.

Mr Britza was brutally bashed and stabbed in a Gold Coast industrial shed in 2001 but Mr Hansen and Mr Wills have denied they were the two men who carried out the attack.

Witness Matthew Ireland told the court on Monday he saw two men "cave Darren's head in" with a metal bar.

He claimed he and shed owner Paul Dewer saw the initial attack. But Mr Dewer, a drug dealer who ran the shed as a front, told the court he had not seen the initial assault on Mr Britza.

But under cross-examination Mr Ireland admitted he could not remember if Mr Britza was punched or hit with a metal bar first, and if he was sitting or lying down when the assault began.

He admitted to inconsistencies in previous testimonies to the police and the Crime and Corruption Commission but maintained he had seen two men bash Mr Britza.

"I witnessed with me own eyes him getting killed," he said.

On Friday the court heard Mr Hansen told a neighbour he had "bashed someone" and it had "gotten a bit out of hand".

The trial continues. - ARM NEWSDESK

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