HEALING: Shanti Rahal is heading off to Nepal to play music with the students.
HEALING: Shanti Rahal is heading off to Nepal to play music with the students. Alistair Brightman

Musical healer on a mission to help children in Nepal

HERVEY Bay musical healer Shanti Rahal will be delivering 30 laptops and hundreds of knitted beanies and jumpers to young Nepalese earthquake victims.

In the Bay, Ms Rahal spends her time helping people through the power of music, but will be giving up the comfort of the Fraser Coast to donate reconditioned laptops and warm clothes to children living near the Tibetan boarder.

Not only will Ms Rahal be helping out children in need, but will be using her visit to learn some local songs to bring back to her clients in Hervey Bay.

"My main aim, besides delivering all the goodies, I'm taking my ukulele with me and hope to sing and learn some Nepalese songs," she said.

"Because I'm a music therapist, I sing with the Cerebral Palsy League, so I'm hoping to bring these new songs back to the CPL group and teach them."

Ms Rahal is meeting up with a small group of travellers to help deliver the donations to a school in Dhunche.

"A friend of mine who is already over there talked to one of the schoolteachers and found out they (the school) was short of these things," she said.

"I thought I would be able to help them out."

Ms Rahal will be leaving on August 14 and will return to Hervey Bay on September 1.

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