Josh and Amy in a scene from My Kitchen Rules.
Josh and Amy in a scene from My Kitchen Rules. Channel 7

My Kitchen Rules villain Josh splits from wife Amy

JOSH from My Kitchen Rules was dubbed the show's villain very early and it seems like the pressures from cooking forced him and wife Amy to need some time apart.

In a new interview with New Idea,the aspiring chef revealed to the magazine the married couple split after the show so they could "clear their heads".

Describing their time on the show as a "big challenge" and "like a pressure cooker", the couple constantly fought while filming with Amy even standing away from her husband in one episode.

And now, Josh has revealed to the publication they lived in separate houses after the show.

"We had no breathing room from each other. Whenever we were in front of the camera, it just brought out the worst in each other - being together every single day," he said.

"As soon as we finished filming, we spent a week away from each other - so Amy went to a girlfriend's house in Broome and I went off and stayed at our house and gave ourselves some distance there to kind of clear our heads," he added.

Josh's announcement the couple briefly split comes after many viewers speculated he had fled the country after an episode featured the WA deckhand calling fellow contestant Amy Murr a "sl*t".

A Channel 7 spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph Josh was instead in Europe for a family commitment.

"Josh is currently in Europe for his grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary and a family reunion," she said.

"He did not flee the country off the back of the episode in which he called a fellow contestant a sl*t."

The couple's realisation they needed some time apart comes less than a week after Josh claimed producers "blackmailed" him.

Speaking on Kyle and Jackie O, the reality star alleged, "They [producers] were saying if I didn't do certain things, they were going to portray that differently ... and they were telling me how they were going to edit it unless I played ball".

Later, Josh also claimed producers had purposely extended his time on the show.

"When we cooked against Kelsey and Amanda, Amy and I were pretty much ready to go home," he said.

"I can guarantee you they swung it in a way so we stayed in the competition."

Despite Josh's infamous behaviour on the cooking show, his wife Amy is still sticking up for her husband.

"He's just a very honest and upfront person, and some people see it as a personal attack," Amy told New Idea.

My Kitchen Rules continues 7.30pm tomorrow on Channel 7.

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