NBN officially here

NEARLY 30,000 Rockhampton customers will receive a Christmas bonus this December in the form of faster and more efficient broadband internet.

Today, 5,600 households and businesses in Rockhampton are now eligible to enjoy online streaming and games thanks to the rollout of NBN.

Residents and workplaces in The Range, Port Curtis, Allenstown, Rockhampton West and the City will be able to connect to the new Fibre to the Node technology.

Telstra arena general manager for Northern Queensland Rachel Cliffe promised "superfast broadband" and a "terrific improvement" for homes and businesses.

"Customers are going to enjoy faster broadband speeds at home and at work," Ms Cliffe explained.

"What it means for small business is that they will be able to download larger files, do more online shopping, cloud computing, video collaboration, all of those things will come to life using the new technology.

"For people at home, they will have new forms of entertainment, digital tools and an integration of what we can do at work and home.

"Fibre to the Node allows the rollout of the NBN network to accelerate across Australia by running fibre to a neighbourhood node or pillar and, from there, the existing copper network connects the premises to the network.

"It is a reliable network, meaning more people can get on in homes and enjoy the connection."

Hear from a local technician on how the changes will impact the region. 

Rockhampton has always been at the front of new technologies and ever since the invention of the telephone, the area have had one of the oldest and first country telephone exchanges in Queensland.

Today, those old copper wires that are still in use were infused with the new Fibre to the Node technology.

"Looking inside an exchange is a look to behind the scenes, every wire is a customer. 1911 was when this exchange started up," she said.

"Its technology where we connect customers today on our copper network, this is a really big exchange and the old and new are coming together."

Yeppoon is next for the rollout and Gladstone within three years. And customers out west are now able to connect to the fixed networks.

"Come and see us and we will let you know when they can connect and make that migration," was Ms Cliffe's advice to customers.

"We had one of the strongest pre-sale interest here in Rockhampton than anywhere else.

"Currently fixed wireless is available but this is a faster system."

Ms Cliffe joked that Pokemon Go users should be thrilled with the new technology available. 

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