(Nearly) all in for Isaac 2016

NEXT year's local government election is getting closer and closer, and it would appear that Isaac regional councillors are all pretty happy where they are.

We asked them each four questions in the lead up to the election:

1. Are you running next year for councillor or mayor?

2. Why/why not?

3. What has been the highlight of this term?

4. What priorities do you have for the council moving forward?

See their answers below.

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Of the eight councillors and one mayor, only the current mayor, Anne Baker, has said she would run for mayor next year.

All councillors except Peter Freeleagus and Dale Appleton have committed to running again for their current division, with Cr Freeleagus instead stating that he will wait until closer to the election to announce his decision.

This is in stark contrast to the answers of the Central Highlands Regional Council councillors (see last Wednesday's CQ News), which indicated many were considering running for mayor as current mayor Peter Maguire steps down.

Mayor Anne Baker said when she ran the first time, she did so because people were looking for something she could deliver.

"People were seeking stronger, more livable communities, more support for our local businesses and in our mining communities, more affordable family housing and responsible mining development," Cr Baker said.

"Since then, and despite the challenges thrown our way, including coming off Australia's second-largest mining boom in history, I have not wavered in my commitment to deliver the best possible outcome for the people of Isaac."

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