CALL A CAB: After a long absence, a taxi service will recommence in Blackwater on Saturday.
CALL A CAB: After a long absence, a taxi service will recommence in Blackwater on Saturday. Meghan Kidd

Blackwater gets a taxi service

FOR six years, Blackwater residents have walked more blocks than they would like to count.

But come Saturday, when they dial 131 008 they will hear a voice at the end of the line.

A taxi service will commence on Saturday with a 10-seater bus, with wheelchair access available, after a prolonged struggle for the service to be returned to the town.

Licensee and local Simon Frost said it was a long time coming for residents, who hadn't been able to hail a cab since the service ceased in 2008.

"We've been in town for four years and it was unbelievable that the town didn't have a taxi service," Mr Frost said. "But this is a long-term commitment and we hope it is supported."

Mr Frost said it was a lengthy process - but worth the wait.

"We have received the full support of Queensland Transport - they were very eager to get someone to take it on for the town.

"We have purchased the maxi van because it has wheelchair access and we can help the hospital.

"I know the ambulance has been very patient with transporting people to the hospital because there is no other option."

The taxi service was operated for 27 years by long-term residents Lawrie and Shirley Currie, until Lawrie's sudden death in 2008. The workload became too much for Shirley, who struggled to keep it going.

Senior Constable Angela Bauer said police were pleased to see the service operating. "Taxis, in conjunction with courtesy buses, should eliminate any perceived need to drive when you have been on a night out," she said.

Blackwater taxi history

 February 2008: death of Blackwater Taxi licensee Lawrie Currie.

 October 2008: taxi service ceases and Shirley Currie advertises for new licensees.

 January 2010: taxi service commences with new owners.

 April 2010: taxi service ceases in Blackwater.

 March 2014: Simon Frost starts new service.

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