Neglected dog's 'amazing' recovery, see how he looks now

IT WAS one of the worst cases of animal neglect the RSPCA had ever seen.

Lofty the young American staffy was found in Lowood last month starved, in pain and scared.

He was emaciated, covered in welts and scabs and all his hair had fallen out.

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For the past month he has been receiving medical treatment at the RSPCA and last week was fostered out to one of their staff members Lis.

She described his recovery as "amazing" and said he was like a completely different dog.

"He's a beautiful boy. I don't know how anyone could have done this," she said.

"He is still on medication and needs to be washed twice a week but he's looking well.

"His skin has improved and he's put on a heap of weight."

Lis hoped Lofty would get the best Christmas present he could hope for this year - a permanent home and a loving family.

"After what he's been through I think it's amazing he's got a trust for humans again," she said.

"At his current rate of recovery he'll be ready to find his forever home before Christmas."

To find out more about adopting Lofty visit the Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue Facebook page.

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