Ajay Fischer was lucky to escape serious injury after a dog bit his face.
Ajay Fischer was lucky to escape serious injury after a dog bit his face. Kerri Burns-Taylor

Neighbour's dog turns on boy

ALTHOUGH it was something he had done countless times before, patting a neighbour's dog turned dangerous this week for dog-attack victim Ajay Fischer.

The five-year-old was lucky to avoid serious injury when the dog snapped and bit his face on Sunday afternoon.

Mum Crystal was at the family's Locke St home when her son was attacked and was alerted to the incident by her neighbour's daughter.

The dog owners rushed Ajay home to his parents, with a bloodied cloth covering his face.

Mrs Fischer said she and husband Andrew loaded Ajay into the car and it was not until they arrived at the hospital that she saw the damage masked by the cloth.

"The whole flap (of his lip) was just hanging down, it was disgusting and my first thought was that guy off Batman," she said.

Ajay had six stitches in his face and his parents were forced to hold him down as the doctor mended his wound.

He will likely bear a scar across his upper lip for the rest of his life after the dog tore his skin, leaving a chunk of lip dangling from his face.

Ajay toughed it out through his hospital visit - in fact Mrs Fischer said her son handled it better than her husband, who became faint from all the blood.

Although Mrs Fischer was upset her son had to suffer through such an ordeal, she held no resentment towards the animal's owners and did not blame them at all.

She said her children often played with the dog.

"As soon as Ajay was out of hospital, they came over to check on him," Mrs Fischer said.

The day after the incident the neighbour chose to have the mixed-breed dog put down, despite being under no obligation to do so.

"It's just a thing that happens: The kids go there every day and played with the dog all the time," she said.

"They didn't have to put it down because it happened on their own property but chose to because it had bitten a kid."

Ajay has had the past couple of days off school to recover but headed back to Warwick West State School yesterday to share his story.

He said although the bite hurt him, he wasn't going to stop playing with dogs.

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