New alien invasion a must-have

THEY’RE ultra cool and they’re pure evil.

The Electronic Test Tube Aliens are back – and they are the “must-have” toy for 2011.

This time all the Test Tube Aliens are pure evil and your mission is to hatch them, grow them and then interrogate them and find out about their evil plans to take over the planet.

And thanks to Central Queensland News, you get the chance to win one of four own Electronic Test Tube Aliens.

They are already a phenomenon around the world.

Kids in many countries love the fact that you can put the aliens in a special interrogation room and under extreme temperatures.

The cool part is the aliens interact with your computer and you can interrogate them online in a number of rooms to discover their secrets. They have come to the earth and are planning a massive invasion. You can help save the planet by being part of the Human Defence Force.

Remember though, when interrogating your alien, don’t push them too far because a dead alien doesn’t talk!

The six new aliens are Atan, Koth, Sorum, Urg, Vako and Zurc. And you get rewards for mocking and insulting them… so go for it. These aliens are pure evil.

Each alien has to be fed with a special food called “sloog” and over 14 days they grow to be eight times bigger than their birth size.

This is the ultra cool toy you have to have and to try and win one, just tells us in 25 words or less why you’re worthy of owning an Electronic Test Tube Alien. Mail your entry and contact details to Test Tube Alien Competition, CQ News, PO Box 259, Emerald, 4720.

Alternatively, you can email us at with Test Tube Alien Competition in the subject box. Entries must be received by noon on Friday, July 22.

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