PUPPY LOVE: Tahlia Brennan has plenty of love for pooches.
PUPPY LOVE: Tahlia Brennan has plenty of love for pooches. Meghan Kidd

Emerald girl leads the way

WITH nine playful Bandog puppies surrounding her, 10-year-old Tahlia Brennan is leading the way, one woof at a time.

Not only is she helping rear the pooches, but also a new business venture. The local animal lover has started It's More Than Just a Pet Thing.

Walking, washing, feeding and petting dogs for a bit of extra pocket money, also fuels her her passion for pets.

"I've always loved pets," Tahlia said.

"I've spent my pocket money on dog shampoo, leads, and dog brushes to get ready." Not only is she taking care of her own dogs, she has been busy placing flyers in letterboxes, knocking on doors and recruiting some helpers.

Tahlia's mum Bec said she was extremely proud of the family's young entrepreneur.


"As parents of Tahlia we felt that we had to funnel Tahlia's ambition, passion for animals and entrepreneurial skills into a real-life venture, as she was the driving force to make it happen," Bec said.

"Tahlia spent months slowly purchasing all the equipment and products she requires to run the business.

"She has used money she was given for her birthday through to selling a tool kit she won from the Emerald Car Club Poker Run in January."


To take care of the nine new additions, Tahlia has been bottle feeding them from two weeks old.

"Tahlia has demonstrated her ability to work hard and is quite responsible for her age," mum said.

Visit her Facebook page, It's MORE Than Just a Pet Thing.

About Tahlia

Age - 10

School - St Patrick's School

Likes - All types of animals, reading books and dressing up in rockabilly.

Dislikes - Nails on a blackboard

Favourite book - Markus Zusack, The Book Thief

When I grow up, I want to be - A chef, or an astronaut

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