SLIP, SLIDE AWAY: The installation of a waterslide was part of a major refurbishment of P&O Pacific Dawn.
SLIP, SLIDE AWAY: The installation of a waterslide was part of a major refurbishment of P&O Pacific Dawn. Rob Williams

New features on cruise ship a hit with the kids

STAYING high and dry used to be a big priority for a passenger when travelling on a cruise ship, but one company has turned that rule on its head.

It wants its passengers to get wet - really, really, wet.

P&O Pacific Dawn has recently had a multi-million dollar renovation including two 80m waterslides and a waterpark that are sure to improve its reputation as Best Cruise Ship for Families as awarded by Cruise Passenger Magazine last year.


I'm sure the idea of flying down a transparent waterslide from nearly 55m high would be considered fun by many, but not by me.

That's why I brought my nine-year-old daughter, Samaya, and her friend to test them out. Apparently, they are a winner.

"When I first saw the stairs that went up to the top of the slide I was nervous, but I was so pumped up when I was going down the slide. It was so fast and I just kept going on it again and again," was one comment during the day.

After the excitement of the slides, the kids explored the interactive waterpark.

"My favourite part of the waterpark was the big bucket that fills up over and over and dumps a load of water on top of your head," Samaya said.

After all the tiring fun they had, the kids felt like a good feed, and there were plenty of options at The Pantry.

It was offering nine different foods including seafood, roast meats, sandwiches and Asian cuisine that replaces the traditional buffet the ship had previously.

I find that adults can tend to sway an opinion based on many factors, but kids generally tell the truth. And according to Samaya, the proof of the pudding was: "I loved being on the Pacific Dawn," she said.

"It made me feel special."

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