New landholder fighter

Denice Campbell is heading up the latest group to resist the resources boom.
Denice Campbell is heading up the latest group to resist the resources boom.

THE grassroots movement of landholders across Queensland fighting multinational resource companies has a new player on the block.

Fourth generation wool producer from the Barcaldine district, Denice Campbell, is part of the Galilee Basin Alliance, the latest people's group to unite against the burgeoning coal and coal seam gas industries.

Although the Galilee Basin has yet to produce a crumb of sellable coal, plans for the region show a future very different from the peaceful, secluded lifestyle enjoyed by families for generations.

With four mammoth open-cut coal mines on the horizon, as well as increasing production from CSG companies, local landholders have been drawn together by concern for what lies ahead.

"We are calling on all landholders, all townsfolk, all regional councils in our region to lock the gate - enough is enough - against this government-condoned multinational assault on its citizens," Mrs Campbell said.

"With 83% of Queensland covered by some sort of mining permit or lease, things are only going to get worse. At the moment 4200 gas wells are operating with a total of 40,000 to follow in the next 20 years or so. If people think it is bad now, wait until we have 10 times the effect."

She said she became increasingly frustrated by CSG advertisements stating they would 'restore the balance'.

"Where is the balance when multi-national cashed up mining companies and their sidekick, Government Queensland, can make laws that put landholders at complete disadvantage?" "Mining is their business, they work at it 24/7. Farmers are farmers and that's what they do, yet they are expected to deal with all the serious business of having the spectre of a parasitic business cast over the top of their own business and lifestyle."

She said the main aim of the group was to raise awareness of what is to come as many landholders have no idea how close they are to receiving the "dreaded registered letter".

The group's major concerns lie in the unknown effect that gas production could have on their water, as well as the "lack of" landholder rights.

Minister for Natural Resources Rachel Nolan was contacted for comment but no reply was forthcoming by the time this issue went to print.

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