The "bad driver feedback display".

New LED display for 'bad' drivers

A DESIGNER'S rear window LED sign offers "friendly" advice to drivers who misbehave.

A car horn or brash hand gestures as a means of expressing annoyance at other motorists could become a thing of the past if a designer's new invention ever makes it into production.

Gagandeep Singh has developed a new rear window LED system that offers "feedback to other (BAD) drivers" after he became frustrated with motorists not following highway rules, such as tailgaters.

The home-made panel of LED lights works like a modern road works sign that advises drivers of an oncoming hazard.

In this case, however, it's probably more about venting frustrations via its pre-programmed messages such as "Driving slow!", "Keep distance!" and "Keep Right!" all with obligatory exclamation marks to diffuse the situation.

The "bad driver feedback display", as Singh has labelled the system, is currently fitted to the rear window of his Volkswagen Polo.

The LEDs are spaced at generous 2cm intervals across the entire rear window and are ideal for short, two-word scrolling messages. It doesn't interfere with rear vision, according to Singh.

Singh says he is now attempting to add a Bluetooth receiver so drivers can update the LED sign via a mobile phone in the unlikely chance it becomes a production reality.

It's also unlikely to be considered by police or politicians to be the best solution to road rage.

The feedback display isn't the first attempt at such an electronic display.

In 2000 an Australian company called Urbane Systems launched a device called the Envoy that could be plugged into a cigarette lighter and displayed on the car's dash.

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