Independent Noosa MP Sandy Bolton at Parliament House in Brisbane.
Independent Noosa MP Sandy Bolton at Parliament House in Brisbane. Geoff Egan

New MP 'disappointed' with LNP attacks on Pitt

NOOSA'S new independent MP has slammed the LNP's attack on new Speaker Curtis Pitt and called for a "new way" of doing politics in Queensland.

Former treasurer Mr Pitt was voted in as Speaker of the House on Tuesday after a withering debate during which LNP leader Deb Fecklington dubbed him a "humiliated man".

Sandy Bolton, who defeated LNP incumbent Glen Elmes in the 2016 election, said the attacks on Mr Pitt were "disappointing" and a poor example for the state's leaders to be setting.

The debate on Tuesday regarding Mr Pitt's role was her first experience in the chamber and Thursday was her first full parliamentary sitting.

Ms Bolton said she had not enjoyed the debate at a time when stopping bullying was part of the public conversation.

"I think it was disappointing. I think it is a poor example to be setting for young people," she said.

"I think that was a pretty personal attack on one person. We say all these things about bullying and violence but then people look to parliament and see that."

Despite toppling a long-standing MP, Ms Bolton said the reality of parliament did not hit her until after her time in the chamber.

"It probably wasn't until last night that it really started to come home," she said on Wednesday morning.

Ms Bolton said she wanted to improve Noosa's transport infrastructure, improve housing affordability and tackle the perception that the area was universally wealthy.

"There is definitely an outside perception that Noosa is supremely wealthy, probably because it's such a beautiful place to live," she said.

"But if you look at our boom industries where people work, it's retail, hospitality and health. They aren't high paying jobs. Those people then pay, on average, some of the highest rents in the southeast. That's not sustainable." -NewsRegional

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