New music vids: Wu Lyf, The Roots

IF you feel tired after watching the new video from hyped indie-rock act Wu Lyf, that's because almost every shot features someone running in it.

The clip for We Bros, directed by Sam Pilling, is the latest to be taken from the New Zealand-bound Machester band's highly acclaimed debut album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain.

It will no doubt be one of the highlight's of next year's Laneway Festival, for which Wu Lyf are one of the headlining acts.

But what are all those people running from? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

Check out the video for We Bros:

Of all the things you'd expect German metallers Rammstein to be inspired by, Baywatch is not one of them.

But that seems to be the source material for the band's hilarious new video for the song Mein Land, featuring a bevvy of beautiful beach babes and fun in the sand.

The Big Day Out showstoppers star in a colourful beach dance-off till nightfall, when they start setting stuff on fire. Of course they do.

Be warned, Mein Land gets very disturbing towards the end.

Check out the video for Mein Land:

The Roots have been busy releasing a new video once a week, each one based around the theme of gun violence and all portrayed in black and white.

This week's is for a song called Stomp, and it's from the band's new album Undun, due out December 6.

Check out the video for Stomp:

Finally, gloomy witch house act Salem scored a supermodel to star in their new video.

That would be the one and only Gisele Bundchen, who spends most of the seven-minute clip for atmospheric new single Better Off Alone fighting through photographers and trying to escape paparazzi.

Pitchfork reports the songs is from the band's new EP, I'm Still in the Night, due out later this year.

Check out the video for Better Off Alone:

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