Adria Arjona leads Emerald City as the iconic Dorothy Gale
Adria Arjona leads Emerald City as the iconic Dorothy Gale NZH

New TV Wizard of Oz is not what you're expecting

THE first trailer for a new television adaptation of The Wizard of Oz will shock those expecting it to be like the movie.

With big sets, lots of CGI and human takes on some classic characters, Emerald City looks as though it will be as far from the 1939 musical as possible.

Adria Arjona takes on the iconic role of Dorothy Gale, a Kansas girl bored with her life who is sent to Oz alongside a police German Shepherd.

There, she stumbles into some familiar faces as she heads towards the Emerald City to find a way home. The series sees her run into and fall in love with an updated take on the Scarecrow, who in this version is just a large muscled man covered in straw.

Vincent D'Onforio co-stars as The Wizard, and the trailer hints at him being dark and power hungry. Dorothy also has to contend with the various witches that make up Oz after the police car she arrives in kills the Witch of the West.

Emerald City was first developed by American network NBC back in 2014, but they changed their minds and ordered 10 episodes directly. Mirror Mirror director Tarsem Singh helms every episode.

The trailer has quickly drawn multiple comparisons to Game of Thrones due to the reliance on CGI, political storylines and warring factions.

The world of Oz was created by author Frank L Baum in 1900. The author wrote 13 books in the series, which began with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It was later adapted into the 1939 musical starring Judy Garland that propelled the series to pop culture icon status.

Emerald City premieres in America early January and is currently set to air on TVNZ 2.

- NZ Herald

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