BROELMAN'S VIEW: On sport this week.
BROELMAN'S VIEW: On sport this week. Broelman

Nitwits are taking the shine off an amazing game

IN the lead up to the NRL finals series when all the talk should be about the winning chances of each team the dumb actions by some players are grabbing the headlines.

By the time this column is published we will know if the Cowboys are still on track to defend their premiership title.

This is what commentators should be talking about and not the mindless actions of five players who were caught throwing eggs at cars.

Four of the players are not first graders but Jason Taumalolo, who played in last year's premiership, is one of five players charged.

You just have feel sorry for coach, Paul Green who should be worrying about upcoming games not hosing down dumb actions like this.

Michael Ennis has received some heavy criticism over his actions to mock Canberra supporters after his team won their qualifying final.

I am sure that this would be just water off a duck's back to Ennis who for most of his career has been a stirrer.

For most of the time this stirring has been directed at opposing players trying to get them to react and be penalised.

Most other sports around the world frown on players inciting opposition supporters and there are cases where players are suspended for such actions.

Ennis may have thought that he was some kind smart ass for mocking of the Raiders' Viking clap but in my mind there is no place in the game for stirring up the crowd.

In fact in my opinion he should have made to front the NRL and explain why further action should not be taken against him.

Ennis is retiring at the end of the season and his good play may be missed but his stirring will not be missed at all.

What takes the cake in the lead up to the finals is fact that the Titans star Jarryd Hayne was caught up socialising with an outlaw bikie.

Hayne has stated that he didn't know Hells Angels bikie enforcer, Chris Bloomfield and only met him by chance.

On the other hand the bikie and his lawyer are saying that Hayne is a mate.

As this bikie has been on the police radar for some time it should not very hard to find out the facts around any friendship or not.

With allegations of match fixing around the game the last thing rugby league needs is players become involved with criminals and outlaw bikie gangs.

Anyway here's hoping that the games over the next couple of weeks are good enough to grab all the headlines and not the antics of some dumb players.

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