Emerald high school students suspended in droves

EMERALD State High School is cracking the whip on students, but parents are asking if the school is going too far after an alleged 22 students were suspended in a matter of days.

The suspensions were delivered in relation to various incidents, including one involving a student taking a knife to school.

The school has stated only 15 students were suspended, but it is believed that the number may be as high as 22.

Brad, a local father who wished to have his surname withheld, said his son was suspended for 10 days after deleting an 'app' off another student's iPad.


"I am not saying my son wasn't in the wrong, but I think suspension may have been a bit severe," he said.

"It's starting to get out of hand and, in the long run, it is neglecting the education of the students."


Another local father, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was having difficulty understanding why his 13-year-old daughter was suspended.

He said he believed a student had taken a knife to school last Friday and had shown his friends and by Monday morning four people, including his daughter, had been suspended.


"They suspended my daughter for five days because she didn't tell someone straight away that her friend had a knife," the parent said.

"It is a serious thing bringing a knife to school, and I understand that, I have got nothing against suspending kids who are misbehaving - I have an issue with being suspended for the actions of someone else."


The father said he applauded the school for taking a "hard approach" and disciplining students, but thought the school should be a "bit more logical".

"I tried to explain (to the school) that at 13 years old you don't dob on your friend," he said. "Especially with bullying these days; dobbing on a mate is the best way to get targeted."

Acting principal Kirrily Gillies said the school made no apologies for taking a "strong stance against inappropriate behaviour".

"Any behaviour that compromises the safety and wellbeing of students and staff is not tolerated.

"Students can be, and are, disciplined for behaviour that has a negative impact on students or the operation of the school."

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