Bail refused because potential new boss a 'bad influence'

A TOOWOOMBA man facing a string of stealing and driving offences has been refused bail because a man who offered him a job and place to stay was considered a bad influence.

Aaron Trent Bidgood is in jail on remand facing about 17 charges including stealing, entering a dwelling, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, fraud, failing to stop for police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and driving without a licence; all of which allegedly occurred between April and May this year.

He applied to Brisbane Supreme Court to be released on bail and his lawyer, Isaac Munsie, tendered legal documents on Tuesday to show he had work and a place to live lined up.

But the person who offered him a job and place to stay was considered a bad influence, the court heard.

Justice Jean Dalton said police evidence showed the man had similar convictions to Mr Bidgood.

"In any case, the police material is that (the man) would be a poor influence on Mr Bidgood," she said.

Mr Munsie also argued the police case for some of the offences was weak.

For one charge involving a car, he said police evidence included Mr Bidgood's fingerprint on the outside of a vehicle, not inside.

Other charges rely on evidence from police officers who spotted someone who looked like Mr Bidgood inside a car.

But Justice Dalton said the prosecution's case could not be fully decided until the matter reached trial.

"Really the strength of the Crown case is the matter which, in most cases, matters least to a judge considering a bail application," she said.


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