Bullfighter Daniel Roberts protects a fallen rider from a rampaging beast.
Bullfighter Daniel Roberts protects a fallen rider from a rampaging beast. Supplied

No bull for this rodeo clown

BULLFIGHTER Daniel Roberts finds it difficult to explain exactly what he does for fun, so to make it easier he tells people straight “I’m a rodeo clown”.

Technically, the Darling Downs resident is a bullfighter though, not a traditional rodeo clown.

“The role of a bullfighter is basically the same as a rodeo clown in that you must distract the bull from the fallen rider,” he said.

“The difference is that bullriders carry out this role in the elite competitions, with my specialty being protection.

“You can’t be scared to take a hit – that’s why I’ve just finished up bullfighting at the Mt Isa Rodeo for the fourth year in a row.”

The Mt Isa Rodeo is the country’s largest where the best bull riders and bullfighters meet.

Dan himself used to be a bullrider so he knows the importance of having bullfighters helping him out when he came off.

“These guys are my mates,” he said.

“It’s always a big risk getting in the ring, but every time you take a hit instead of a mate it’s a big thrill.”

While he takes his job very seriously, he can see the appeal of the traditional rodeo clown.

“I am starting to get into the clowning and comedy side of things as there is more money in it,” he said.

“But I am and always will be predominantly a bullfighter.”

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