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'No helmet = no run' sign creates confusion

A NEW safety sign, reportedly erected at a NSW beach, is warning joggers to wear a helmet while running or wear a fine.

According to the sign, joggers can be hurt by trip hazards, slippery surfaces and even collisions with other joggers and from Australia Day, all those wanting to go for a healthy run must wear a helmet or wear a fine.

While the message is clear: "No helmet = no run" the sign has been met with confusion, with many social media users questioning whether it is real.

But never fear, NSW isn't a nanny state gone mad  - the sign is a fake. 

But a very good fake.

Sydney journalist Siobhan Moylan first shared a photo of the sign at Bondi Beach with an on-duty policewoman standing behind it on her Facebook page.

In a later post on her Facebook page, Ms Moylan said Sydney walkers are "in a spin" not knowing if the government is "taking the piss or not".

"It's kinda like the boy who cried wolf, or something. The rules have gotten so crazy I can no longer tell what is even real?!

"I guess for now, maybe we just walk? Not sure I can afford to run. Maybe I'll just swim / surfing is still allowed, right?"

The Daily Mail contacted NSW Police who said they have nothing to do with the sign and the officer in the picture was unaware she had been photographed.

According to the Daily Mail they also contacted "numerous" Waverly councillors for comment.

The sign calls for runners to go to log their jog at however, attempting to access this website returns a "site can't be reached" error, a pretty clear indication that something is amiss.

Then a NSW Government department said it is a fake.

Helmets off to those behind this clever prank!

And while it is fiction, it's worth looking at some of the weirdest laws in Australia. recently took a look at the laws that are too bizarre to possibly be true.

Here's a few of Australia's weirdest laws that are fact, not fiction:

1. It's illegal to be in possession of more than 50kg of potatoes in Western Australia.

2. It's illegal to offer a reward, no questions asked, for the return of stolen property.

3. It's against the law to disrupt a wedding and/or funeral.

4. It's illegal to hurt a homing pigeon.

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