ACCUSED: Shannon Rosina Tubb, 27, appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court, charged with stealing and using a dying man's credit card.
ACCUSED: Shannon Rosina Tubb, 27, appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court, charged with stealing and using a dying man's credit card. Eliza Wheeler

No jail time for woman who used dead man's bank card

SHANNON Rosina Tubb will not spend a day behind bars for her involvement in using a dead man's bank card to buy a mobile phone and other items ranging in price between $25 to $37.50.

The Kawungan woman appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Thursday morning and pleaded guilty to eight fraud charges, it follows an initial guilty plea during a March court appearance to receiving tainted property and a fraud charge involving the purchasing of a mobile phone with the stolen card.

The single mother and her co-accused Shannon James Davis were charged in December for stealing and using a bank card belonging to deceased man Matt Clark, while other members of the community tried to revive him after he was hit by a car on Maryborough Hervey Bay Rd.

Detectives charged the pair after Mr Clark's widow noticed her late husband's bank card was being used in the days after his death.

At the time the pair were charged, Hervey Bay Detective Senior Sergeant Mick Polit described the crimes as "indecent".

"To think that these two low-lifes came across an incident like this, completely ignored what a decent human being would do, and instead stole his credit card really is almost beyond belief," Det Snr Sgt Polit said at the time.

Davis, 28, pleaded guilty in January to six charges relating to the incident and was sentenced to a term of imprisonment. He is expected to be released on parole on June 14.

Police prosecutor Sonia Edwards described the matter as "very emotional" and submitted an imprisonment sentence of three months.

Snr Const Edwards also said Tubb's co-offender Davis had been the main offender, but Tubb had used the bank card after she found out it had belonged to the deceased man.

Tubb's defence lawyer Daniel Ould told the court his client "deeply ashamed of her actions".

"[My client's] biggest regret was using the card after discovering it in the car," Mr Ould said.

"She is deeply regretful and would be willing to pay restitution."

Magistrate Stephen Guttridge said he took into account the early plea of guilty, and Tubb's minimal criminal history of one previous offence in 2007.

"The nature of the offence does offend and outrage members of the public," Mr Guttridge said.

"But you're still a very young person."

Tubb was sentenced to 12 months' probation and ordered to serve 100 hours of community service.

A conviction was not recorded.

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