No room for koalas as Qld grows

“KOALAS will certainly not be on the agenda for the upcoming Growth Summit on March 30 because the Premier basically wants to ignore the problem,” Deborah Tabart, CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation claims.

“The Premier, our Prime Minister and our Treasurer are all more interested in securing massive infrastructure, more people and more importantly developer donations to ensure their political survival and koalas just get in the way,” she said.

Ms Tabart said it appeqared that koalas just get in the way of “a big Australia”.

“If you look at the new projected developments like Flagstone, Yarrabilba and Springfield – just to name a few – they are the love children of the development companies funding this talk fest,” she said.

All of these regions have significant koala populations and the inadequate mapping has often just ignored the quality of the habitat.

“One developer has even bragged that they have no koalas “because the maps had been cleaned up to remove them”.

“There seems to be a relentless rush to increase Australia’s population to 35 million people by 2035. This concept seems to have come out of nowhere.”

“The Premier seems to have forgotten that even by her own admission, the Koala Coast koala population is on its way to extinction.”

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