Jenny and Damon are set to tie the knot tomorrow with their children Eli, Bre, Mya and Kai all playing a part in the big day.
Jenny and Damon are set to tie the knot tomorrow with their children Eli, Bre, Mya and Kai all playing a part in the big day.

No stopping wedding this time

AFTER their wedding was cancelled during the floods, Jenny Strachan and Damon Walsh are determined to tie the knot this weekend – rain, hail or shine.

Their original wedding date was set for New Year’s eve after 12 months of planning, but the weather had other plans and put a dampener on the couple’s big day.

Despite their disappointment, Jenny said losing a wedding date was nothing compared to the devastation the floods caused for many families in the town.

“It was such a horrible time for the community, losing a wedding date doesn’t really compare to what people went through,” Jenny said.

Even though the couple’s home was just out of harm’s way in Moodewarra Estate, there were other hurdles they couldn’t have avoided if they hadn’t cancelled their big day.

“The bridge was actually cut off from the other side of town on the day so we wouldn’t have even made it to our own wedding,” Jenny said with a laugh.

Jenny said she hoped for fine weather this time around, but that the wedding would go ahead no matter what.

“We’re getting married this time rain, hail or shine, because I’m not planning another one,” she said jokingly.

“A positive to the date change is that I got a lot of guests back, because so many people couldn’t come to the first one.”

Since meeting 13 years ago at the Maraboon Tavern and getting engaged five years ago, Jenny and Damon have spent years joking about when they would actually tie the knot.

“Once we decided our family was complete we said we’d get married,” she said.

And complete it is, as the couple have four children who will all play a part in their special day.

While Jenny said she was feeling a little stressed about the nuptials set for tomorrow, she said she was also pretty excited and looking forward to the “long-awaited” day.

“I’ve gotten to the attitude now to just let whatever happens happen,” she said.

“I hope it’s going to be a fun and beautiful day celebrating with my new husband.”

The couple will be starting their honeymoon off in Brisbane where they will watch the Firebirds play before they “relive their youth” with a day out at Dreamworld and WhiteWater World.

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