Diane Ludlow is celebrating after getting her P-plates on Wednesday.
Diane Ludlow is celebrating after getting her P-plates on Wednesday.

Now ‘Dizzy Di' can go for a spin

SHE has to wait a little while until the actual licence is in her hand, but the smile of Diane Ludlow's face when she passed her driving test was proof she had done it.

The 68-year-old is licensed to drive - for the first time in her life.

"It's incredible," the newly licensed driver said as she left the Department of Transport after passing her provisional test.

It's a bittersweet achievement for Diane, following the death of her husband George Ludlow recently, who she cared for until the end.

But it wasn't all that easy for her either, as she took driving lessons to learn the road rules and build up her confidence behind the wheel.

"Some days I'd go for a lesson and the first half hour would be fine, really good," Diane said.

"But in the second half, my mind would get preoccupied and I just had too much on my mind."

Her son, Andrew Ludlow, was clearly proud of his mother, and said her story may inspire others to take the next step and get their licence.

"After dad passed away, mum became really determined," he said.

"I guess when people hear that mum got her licence at her age, it might inspire others to get theirs too because you can't really get by without a licence here."

A year in the making, Diane, who is also known by friends as 'Dizzy Di' for her outgoing personality and zest for life, held her learner licence for 12 months in exchange for having to complete the 100 hours driving log book which under-25-year-olds must now complete by law.

She went for her provisionals once before, but with her mind divided between the test and thoughts of her husband, Diane failed.

But there is no doubting the fact she is a safe driver.

"A big thanks to Ron Tucker who patiently helped me build up the confidence I needed," a grateful Diane said.

"And (friend) Tania, who took me driving in her car, I wouldn't be here without her help."

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