NRL star Bodene Thompson responds to sex scandal

NRL star Bodene Thompson has broken his silence on his group sex scandal with some shock allegations of his own.

The 29-year-old Warriors forward was on Tuesday embroiled in a messy group sex scandal following allegations from his former partner that he broke team rules to have sex before NRL matches and engaged in group sex with teammates.

Sydney Penthouse model and stripper Belinda Medlyn told The Daily Telegraph she consented to group sex with the former Gold Coast, Wests Tigers and New Zealand Warriors star and his teammates.

The pair has a 15-month-old son Hendrix, who was conceived in 2015 while one of Thompson's teammates watched on The Telegraph revealed.

Their relationship has turned into an ugly dispute over finances to raise their child.

Medlyn claims Thompson has been late in making child support payments.

Thompson's lawyer has said his client "doesn't owe a cent".

Now the NRL player has responded to Medlyn's claims by issuing a statement to Channel 9.

Bodene Thompson (right) celebrating with teammates.Source:News Corp Australia
Bodene Thompson (right) celebrating with teammates.Source:News Corp Australia

"I wish to make a statement in relation to the latest media reports regarding my private life and family," Thompson said in the statement reported by Channel 9 reported Danny Weidler.

"I am most concerned that these allegations, which occurred many years ago, have been raised so publicly ... to the detriment of myself and my child. This story has no benefit except to attempt to smear my reputation.

"The allegations and the fact that they have been raised so publicly are extremely hurtful to my family and I.

"I hope everyone can appreciate and respect my family's privacy, particularly in light of there being a young child involved in this matter and my main objective is to protect him from these indelible articles being circulated.

"Although I do not wish to give any more oxygen to this story, I believe it is important to put the facts on the table.

"Ms Medlyn approached me in June 2017 threatening that she would expose this story ... I was already paying her child support as assessed by the Child Support Agency.

"I love my son and I have been striving to have a relationship with him. Ms Medlyn has made this difficult, however I continue to seek avenues to pursue having a proper relationship with my son.

"I continue to meet all of my financial obligations to my son and work hard to ensure his future."

Medlyn initially told The Daily Telegraph the NRL has a "pack mentality" culture which makes players believe they can get away with anything.

Medlyn told the Telegraph they would meet behind coaches' backs at hotels and sent photos of friends to each other to consider for group sex.

Belinda Medlyn went public with her allegations.Source:Supplied
Belinda Medlyn went public with her allegations.Source:Supplied

Medlyn claims she met up with Thompson in team hotel rooms where they had sex before his NRL matches.

Steamy text messages the dancer and NRL star sent each other have been revealed by the Telegraph. In one of them, Thompson sends a photo of his teammate saying: "This guy is so keen to f*** you."

Thompson first "met" Medlyn on social media. His Tigers teammates went to Townsville's Santa Fe Gold strip club after a game against the Cowboys two seasons ago and although he wasn't there, a dancer introduced the two on Instagram.

From there Medlyn and Thompson had sex at his Sydney apartment, her place at Coogee in Sydney's eastern suburbs and hotel rooms.

Medlyn said the culture in the NRL makes players believe they can get away with anything.

"There's a pack mentality among NRL players," she told the Telegraph.

"They think they're rock stars who can do what they want, until it goes wrong."

The Warriors on Tuesday also released a statement to declare the club does not plan to take any action against Thompson, saying the scandal is a "personal matter" between him and Medlyn.

News Corp Australia

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