Mining magnate Clive Palmer is right behind the CQ NRL Bid.
Mining magnate Clive Palmer is right behind the CQ NRL Bid. Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin

NRL will find CQ's riches irresistible

BILLIONAIRE mining magnate Clive Palmer believes the NRL will not be able to ignore Central Queensland's Bid for a team in the National Rugby League.

Speaking at a Capricorn Enterprise Leaders Luncheon in Yeppoon last week, Palmer was quite happy to throw his support behind the CQ NRL Bid.

"Of course when you get workers flocking here, when you get investment flocking here, the NRL will fall over backwards to have a team here," Queensland's richest man said.

The CQ NRL Bid continues to impress the NRL and the people in the know with the compelling nature of their argument for inclusion into an expanded NRL competition.

Prominent former Origin great Paul 'Fatty' Vautin joined the long list of supporters when he stated Central Queensland was the obvious first choice for expansion.

"Between Brisbane and Townsville there is 1000km of land and there's so many great Queensland rugby league supporters... I really believe the next team in the NRL should come from Rockhampton," Vautin said.

The CQ NRL Bid has more than 35,000 signed members and has the corporate backing of QR National and more than 120 local businesses.

Just recently a conglomerate of coal industry companies committed $440,000 in funding to the CQ NRL Bid for the development of a comprehensive business plan.

These factors have left the team at CQ NRL Bid confident when they compare to this time last year when some elements of the media were very sceptical about Central Queensland's ability and commitment to enter the NRL.

The compelling reasons why CQ exceeds all other bidding regions remain unchanged because there is no national sporting team based in CQ and the region badly needs a unifying entity to represent and promote itself on the national stage.

Add to that, CQ has a craving for rugby league that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

But these reasons are not enough for the NRL decision-makers as they want to know what's the advantage for them.

Because Central Queensland is the heartland of rugby league, expansion into the region will not negatively impact on other NRL clubs because of the poaching of talent.

CQ will use its own talented young men in its teams, so no dilution, only growth.

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