A Coast pensioner has been refused bail after being charged with drug trafficking.
A Coast pensioner has been refused bail after being charged with drug trafficking. Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Numerous elements to add up against accused drug trafficker

THIS case allegedly involves about 1.5kg of speed buried in a pipe on a Sunshine Coast rural property, drugs tucked inside work benches in a Caloundra garage and $62,000 cash stashed behind a passenger side airbag in a Ford Falcon intercepted on the Bruce Highway.

A jury in Brisbane Supreme Court has heard these were among numerous elements that would prove William Myles Bush, 41, was trafficking ecstasy, speed, cocaine and marijuana on the Sunshine Coast between 2003 and 2011.

Defence barrister Andrew Hoare said suggested his client was not involved in the "significant and multi-faceted business" the Crown was alleging and sought an acquittal.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller said police intercepted Mr Bush and Gerald Joseph Panganiban in the Falcon near the Ettamogah Pub on June 24, 2009.

He said as well as the cash, police found 195 steroid tablets in a jar in the console and 4.5kg of marijuana in the boot.

Mr Fuller said, subsequently, police found 5741 ecstasy pills, 3.6kg of marijuana and drug lab glassware in a garage at Queen Street, Caloundra garage.

He said police intercepted the pair after a five-month investigation involving phone records, SMS, surveillance and a car tracker.

Mr Fuller also mentioned witnesses would speak of a stack of cash burned in an oven, about $140,000 cash in a cryovac bag and $10,000 loose cash they had seen.

He said there would be two main witnesses who would talk about their interactions with Mr Bush.

One witness is expected to estimate there was a $250,000 turnover while he was invovled.

That witness allegedly collected 8000 pills, of which he received 1000 to onsell, from a house in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Mr Fuller said a financial analyst would show Mr Bush and had $66,000 unexplained income between July 1, 2007, and June 24, 2009, which did not include the $62,000 found in the car interception.

He that analysis included only the known expenses for Mr Bush.

"Obviously if a person is receiving cash and paying cash for something, unless they are aware of that expense having taken place it can't be taken into account," he said.

Mr Fuller said Mr Panganiban had just over $90,000 that could not be accounted for.

Mr Hoare said the jury must heavily scrutinise evidence from the Crown's two "critical witnesses".

"They have each received substantial discounts in penalty as a result of the evidence they will give before you," he said.

"That reduction is in fact dependent upon the giving evidence before you.

"You'll see there's a massive gap between credible and reliable evidence and what in fact the Crown is seeking to prove."

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