Police inspect the bomb.
Police inspect the bomb. Warren Lynam

Old bomb sparked backyard blitz

IT WAS impossible to tell by the calm conversation with the Smith brothers that police were guarding a live bomb in their backyard.

Morrie Smith had been digging a trench with a mate in the yard of his Currimundi home when his shovel hit something metal.

Suddenly, the water that had been pooling in the sandy soil was the least of their worries.

Several hours later, Army personnel from Brisbane detonated the 11kg bomb, the remnants of extensive military training in the area in the 1940s.

The discovery sparked a warning from police to treat any similar finds discoveries with caution.

Morrie and his brother Lionel have lived on Currimundi Rd at Currimundi since the 1950s and yesterday said the artillery shell was the latest in the dozens they had found over the years.

They were so unconcerned by yesterday's find, they finished a cup of tea before leaving their home so the Army crew could take care of the unexploded ordnance.

Lionel said as children they used to find many bombs, some still live, and carry them across Currimundi Lake.

They would then leave the collection in a pile for the Army to detonate during visits throughout the year.

Yesterday the Smith brothers headed to the local bowls club as houses around theirs were evacuated.

The most recent unexploded ordnance discovered at Currimundi was another 11kg bomb found on New Year's Eve.

That shell was also "live" and had to be detonated by the Army.

Acting District Duty Officer Senior Sergeant Michael Jocumsen said yesterday's find showed the potential danger of locating similar devices on private properties.

He warned residents who found discarded bombs, bullets or other ordinance to be careful.

"If people do find something that could be unexploded ordnance, don't touch it," Snr Sgt Jocumsen said.

"Contact police and we will arrange to have the Army come up (from Brisbane) and dispose of it."

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