Old sport feud ignites brawl

Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca battle it out. Photo / YouTube
Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca battle it out. Photo / YouTube You Tube

A CANADIAN football grudge that has festered for 48 years spilled onto a public stage as two legends of the game, now 73 and grey-haired, brawled in front of an aghast crowd.

Joe Kapp was the quarterback of the British Columbia Lions and Angelo Mosca was a defensive lineman with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats when the two faced off in the 1963 Grey Cup - Canadian football's version of the Superbowl.

The old rivalry escalated into an insult, then petty slaps and eventually an all-out fight Sunday as Mr Mosca cracked Mr Kapp across the head with his cane and Mr Capp retaliated by felling his opponent with a punch.

It all happened on stage at a Canadian Football League alumni luncheon in Vancouver that was meant to discuss an infamous tackle Mr Mosca made against Mr Kapp's teammate at the Grey Cup game nearly five decades ago.

Mr Mosca was accused to deliberately making a late, out-of-bounds hit on one of the stars of the BC Lions, which injured him so badly it removed him from the game. The Tiger-Cats went on to win the game.



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