Adani and contractor personnel overseeing the earthworks of the temporary camp hardstand including sediment basin excavation.
Adani and contractor personnel overseeing the earthworks of the temporary camp hardstand including sediment basin excavation. Contributed

One of Adani's biggest contractors 'demobilised'

THE designer of Adani's rail project to its Carmichael Mine has finished working with the Indian energy giant.

According to a report in The Guardian, global engineering firm AECOM has "demobilised" and is no longer working with Adani on its rail project.

The company says it has finished its project, and Adani reconfirmed its "100% commitment" to the Galilee Basin coal mine.

But anti-Adani groups have been quick to jump on the news as a win for their campaigning and says this is the beginning of the end for the project.

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Stop Adani posted the news saying it was Adani's last big engineering partner.

"While AECOM move on from Adani, Adani say they're "100% committed" to their coal mine. And we're still 100% committed to StopAdani," the post stated.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Jonathan Moylan said it was the nail in the coffin for the project.

"Adani Group have shown time and time again that they can't take this slow-moving train wreck forward and should scrap it for good. The Australian people don't want it, the banks won't touch it and now even key partners who stand to profit handsomely are giving up on Adani.

"They've seen the writing on the wall and made their minds up about Adani, it's now time for the federal government to do the same and pull its support of this marooned project."

But an Adani spokesperson said the energy giant still had a commercial relationship with AECOM.

"The current phase of their engineering and design for the rail project is now complete," the spokesperson said.

"AECOM remains an important partner for Adani and we appreciate the quality of work they have completed to date and look forward to continuing to work with them.                                                                                                                     

"It is normal for contractor numbers to change through the life of a project as milestones are reached and stages of work are completed.

"Meanwhile, a new phase of activity on the project has begun, this involves working with other consultants and advisors to prepare for mine infrastructure construction and operation."

Adani was also still negotiating to secure the funding for the mine project.

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