Suburban hunting, gun store shot down by council

TOOWOOMBA Regional Council has shot down plans to open a hunting and weapons store in a quiet community near Toowoomba.

Stephen Price and Natalie Carol Gatehouse had planned to sell hunting accessories online from their premises near Centenary Park in Westbrook.

The applicants also planned to apply to the Queensland Government for a Weapons Dealer's Licence.

That would have permitted certain weapons and ammunition to be sold from their home.

Council officers said the application had demonstrated the proposal would not allow more hazardous material in the house than already permitted.

They were also satisfied the proponent would store the regulated goods in accordance with State Government safety and security regulations.

The officers were also satisfied that the safety concerns of neighbours and employees had been addressed.

The approval would have allowed a maximum of 1000 rounds of small arms ammunition to be kept in the house.

But an alternative motion put forward by Cr Carol Taylor, seconded by Cr Bill Cahill shot down the plans.

It recommended that the proposal be rejected, stating it did not comply with safety codes and was inconsistent with the neighbourhood.

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