Onus should lie with state: report

ENGINEERS Australia Queensland division's submission in response to the Queensland Flood Commission of Inquiry interim report has included the recommendation that leadership with flood management should become the primary responsibility of the State Government rather than local authorities.

Spokesman Bill Weeks said since flooding could affect all regions, a holistic and longer-term approach needed to be undertaken to manage impacts.

"Floodplain management needs high standards of information that is readily understood for each of our diverse regions, and providing such a resource needs a state-wide approach," he said.

"Currently, it is left to the resources and capabilities of the individual local government authorities to do their best to identify and then be prepared for what natural disasters may come their way.

"To achieve a consistent and well researched floodplain management resource for all our regions will require some significant resources, and any additional costs incurred by the state must be balanced against the savings in community suffering, possible loss of life and economic disruption."

Engineers Australia's response also supported the need and opportunity to improve management and operation rules around key pieces of infrastructure.

"Of particular importance is the opportunity to integrate into the operational rules for dams the more advanced computer modelling and simulation tools now available, as well as allowing some measure of judgment by well qualified and experienced engineers during floods," Mr Weeks said.

"It should also be a priority that engineers be more closely integrated in regular training, planning and communication activities with the key organisations that will become interdependent for safer outcomes when a major flood event is emerging."

Other recommendations by Engineers Australia include better design around community, commercial and residential assets and better contingency planning and organisational processes.

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