HE was snubbed for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, but it seems Orlando Bloom's swashbuckling days aren't over just yet.

The Lord of the Rings star makes full use of his sword-wielding abilities in The Three Musketeers, a modern take on Alexandre Dumas' classic 1844 novel that hits New Zealand theatres this weekend.

Bloom stars alongside Milla Jovovich, Matthew Macfadyen, and Christoph Waltz in the film - the 20th version of the book to hit the big screen, but the first to appear in 3D.

Director Paul WS Anderson says he's stayed true to Dumas' novel.

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"It's a cracking story and the themes of the book are also the themes of the movie, which are friendship, loyalty, love and camaraderie," he says.

But early reviews of the film haven't been kind.

"It wields a disappointingly blunt sword, said The Hollywood Reporter.

Dan Jolin from film bible Empire also called it "stupid" but also said it was "never boring" and provided plenty of guilty pleasures.

He also loved Bloom's "ludicrous" hair style and predicted there would almost certainly be a sequel.

So don't let go of that sword just yet, Orlando.

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