Ortigia. Lost at E Minor

Ortigia enchants and delights

ORTIGIA is a truly enchanting place.

The little island city, connected to Siracusa by a couple of bridges, was the heart of the ancient Greek settlement here when Siracusa was the most splendid city in Magna Graecia.

For fantastic food try La Pecora Nera for pizza, Sciue Sciue for slow Sicilian (a bit redundant to put it that way), and the bustling open-air market for fresh fruit, vegetables, prosciutto, cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, giant lemons.

The cool, clear Ionian Sea is never more than a five or ten minute walk.

Say hi to the Toadman at the lovely swimming platform, where people lie on and dive off of the volcanic rocks.

Ortigia is both incredibly laid-back and vital.

The perfect combination, in my book.

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