Outrage as lingerie ad shows women wearing lingerie

WHO knew that lingerie could be too sexy?

Bras n Things have released a raunchy ad featuring women in -- you guessed it: lingerie.

The apparent raunchiness of the lingerie ad ignited a storm of complaints which described the ad as being akin to "amateur porn".

The complaints to the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau was told the footage was shown "in an ordinary public place" where children could see.

So shocked by complaints that a lingerie advertisement -- which is marketed on the idea of sex -- could somehow be linked to pornography has forced Bras n Things to act. 

The moving pictures of beautiful buxom women wearing very little will now be replaced by still images of women wearing very little, according to Bras n Things.

Hard to believe the lingerie brand featured in the ads could be involved with something so salacious.

It was only Playboy, after all.