Clive Palmer with the dinosaur Jeff, during the 2012 PGA at Palmer Coolum Resort.
Clive Palmer with the dinosaur Jeff, during the 2012 PGA at Palmer Coolum Resort. Richard Bruinsma

Palmer and Labor take aim at ‘unfair’ Daily poll on Fairfax

LABOR candidate for Fairfax Elaine Hughes has dismissed a Sunshine Coast Daily poll that found LNP opponent Ted O'Brien is heading for a comfortable victory at next month's election.

A phone poll of 200 voters conducted this week found Mr O'Brien was a clear favour ite to take over from retiring Liberal MP Alex Somlyay.

Mr O'Brien polled 40% of the vote with Ms Hughes (10.5%), mining billionaire Clive Palmer (5%) and the Greens' David Knobel (4.5%) all trailing well behind.

The Katter Australian Party's Ray Sawyer attracted just one vote, or 0.5%, while One Nation's Mike Holt and independent Trudy Byrne received no votes.

It appears many voters are undecided, with 39.5% saying they have yet to make up their minds.

Ms Hughes said she did not put much stock in the poll and that her campaign platforms of increased health services and "a fair go for Fairfax" were resonating with voters.

"I don't think it's a fair reflection of what the election results will be," she said.

Mr O'Brien said he did not dwell on polls and was committed to delivering the LNP to government.

"I honestly try my hardest not to look at polling," he said. "I'm focussed on winning one vote at a time. There are still 24 days to do. I don't have the time to take an interest in straw polls."

Palmer United Party leader and prime ministerial hopeful Clive Palmer accused pollsters, including the Sunshine Coast Daily, of discriminating against him and his party.

When contacted for comment yesterday he made vague references to online polls being fixed, alluded to members of his party being excluded from polls before hanging up.

"Our members have been called (for phone polls) and then been hung up on," he said.

"I don't think it's true, bye."


His opposition to the Daily's poll is at complete odds with his previous comments.

In May he held up as proof of his popularity a Daily online survey in which 52% of respondents said they would consider voting for him.

This is despite the online survey not being scientific, while this week's phone poll was.

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