Children as young as two have successfully made triple zero calls.
Children as young as two have successfully made triple zero calls.

Training for kids could be a lifesaver

PARENTS are being urged to teach their children how to dial triple zero in an emergency, as it may save their lives this winter holiday period.

Queensland Ambulance Service Assistant Commissioner Central Region Peter Warrener said children as young as two years of age had successfully made triple zero calls to QAS.

“QAS has the latest in communication technology and we are able to trace the address when the call is from a landline,” Mr Warrener said.

“So even if a child cannot give us all the details, we can still send an ambulance to them.”

Mr Warrener said dialling triple zero was very simple.

“When you first dial triple zero, you’ll get through to an emergency Telstra switch and you will be asked which service you require – police, fire or ambulance,” he said.

“If you require an ambulance, the Telstra switch operator will connect you to a QAS emergency medical dispatcher, who will ask you a series of questions to help identify the nature of the emergency and where you are. It is very important that you don’t hang up until asked to by the operator.”

Computer technology means, in most cases, the ambulance will already be on its way while the operator is talking to you. If necessary, the operator will continue to gather information or give you specific pre-arrival instructions and first aid advice.

Mr Warrener said a great way parents could encourage children to learn how to be confident about calling triple zero was through a new online interactive game, Triple Zero Kid’s Challenge.

“The Triple Zero Kid’s Challenge is an online computer game which uses colourful, animated characters in nine interactive scenarios to provide lessons to children on the confident and appropriate use of triple zero,” Mr Warrener said.

“The game is designed as a fun way for children to learn how to use triple zero.”

The game can be accessed online at

You will be asked:

 What is your address/location?

 What is your phone number?

 What is the nature of the emergency?

 How many people are in need of help?

 What is their age?

 Are they conscious and breathing?

 Are they male or female?

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