Ramping of Queensland Ambulance vehicles.
Ramping of Queensland Ambulance vehicles. Jason Dougherty

Patients die after five hour wait

QUEENSLAND patients are dying while waiting in ambulances outside hospitals for up to five hours, the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister for Health Mark McArdle said Bligh Government claims ‘the average waiting time for all cases presented to Queensland Health emergency departments was less than an hour’ has been exposed as another Labor lie.

“The United Voice Ambulance Union said ‘ramping is getting worse’ and Queenslanders are being ramped for up to ‘five hours’, proving how badly our public health system is struggling because of the Bligh Labor Government,” the Caloundra-based MP said.

“When will this tired 20 year old Labor Government stop lying to Queenslanders and start fixing our health system?

“Labor’s Health Minister Geoff Wilson has been in the job around 135 days but all Queensland patients have received is political cover-ups and excuses, not improved health care,” said Mr McArdle.

“Anna Bligh needs to show some leadership and sack Paul Lucas for these revelations of hospital tragedies and for presiding over the broken health payroll system.

“Geoff Wilson should also be sacked for failing to fix the system,” he said. 

The MP said Right to Information documents had  revealed that hundreds of patients had died in hospital emergency Departments or were dead on arrival, between 1 July 2009 to 12 April 2011.

Mr McArdle questioned why patient deaths were not collated for the Royal Brisbane and Women’s and Nambour Hospitals, and why there was no data provided on patient deaths at the Gold Coast Hospital.

Sunshine Coast hospital chief Kevin Hegarty told ABC radio this morning that clinicians were working very hard to improve patient throughput at emergency departments.

But he said with 37,000 people going through Nambour alone each year, and patients presenting critically ill, there would be adverse outcomes.

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