Paul heeds US calling Shooting

RETIRED Springsure farmer Paul Sullivan has won eight from eight events at the Queensland 4-Gun Benchrest Championships in Springsure last month.

He followed this effort up with four wins at the New South Wales Titles in Sydney last week.

Seemingly unfazed by all the attention, Paul jets off to Pennsylvania in America in the coming weeks to compete in the US National Titles with a long list of shooting credentials to back him up.

Paul was champion shot at the Australian 4-Gun Benchrest earlier this year and the National Champion Shooter for his class in 2009 for the sixth time running.

Not content with that, Sullivan was part of a 12-man Australian Benchrest team which made history in South Africa last year as the first Australian team to win a world title.

“We ran close a couple of times with second and third places but couldn’t quite knock it off,” Paul said.

A farmer in Springsure for 60 years, Paul had to muster every ounce of his local

expertise to counter the usually blustery conditions at the Springsure range.

“It was flicking from one direction to another, blowing from one end then turning around blowing at the exact same speed from the opposite direction,” local shooter Garry Cherry said.

Now residing in Peachester on the Sunshine Coast, Paul has designed and built a 100-yard underground range on his property to refine his shooting skills, especially in his favoured experimental class.

Instead of being supported on a sandbag or something similar, the weapon runs on rails.

“It’s the Formula One in shooting,” Cherry said.

“It’s extremely good to shoot because it teaches you how to improve your shooting,” Paul added.

“You have to tune the rifle to the conditions and what the wind is doing.

“It only needs the tiniest bit of wind to blow the bullet off so you have to be able to read the conditions really well.”

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