Penelope Cruz suffers from anxiety

PENELOPE Cruz suffers from extreme anxiety.

The 41-year-old actress may be recognised for her incredible curvaceous frame, stunning looks and mesmerising acting ability but she has admitted she's quite often crippled with nerves about her appearance and talent.

She explained to Closer magazine: "I have so many fears. I have become an expert at hiding them but I am so full of them.

"Everyone thinks I'm so centred and relaxed but it's the opposite of what goes on inside me. But I've been working on it all my life so it gets better."

Meanwhile, the 'Zoolander 2' star - who has children Leo, five, and Luna, two, with husband Javier Bardem - recently admitted she finds social media "frightening and, whilst has her own Instagram account, she has never subscribed to Twitter or Facebook as it's "unnatural."

She said recently: "Internet has changed the world including professions like mine. I'm the sort of person who misses writing cards instead of sending texts. I'll always be like that. I hold out the hope it changes one day and the two worlds can co-exist.

"I've resisted social media sites a lot. I haven't got a Twitter account or Facebook. I'm on Instagram but I use it for specific things. It's a bit frightening really. I'm not going to photograph the fried eggs I eat in the morning. It seems unnatural to me, like posting photos of my family."

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