Mischa Barton poses with a slab of raw meat.
Mischa Barton poses with a slab of raw meat. Tylershields.com

Peta slams Mischa Barton's meat pics

ANIMAL rights group Peta has plenty to say about a recent photo shoot starring Mischa Barton and a slab of raw steak.

The OC star posed for a series of snaps for photographer Tyler Shields in which she nibbled at raw meat and wiped it on her face.

But in a statement to website toofab.com, outspoken animal rights group Peta called the photos "unoriginal" and "callous".

"Flesh from a tortured animal isn't a joke, isn't camp, and isn't cool. Meat is full of blood, is produced with violence, and causes great suffering. So if that's the look they were going for, too bad."

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Peta, who were also outspoken about Lady Gaga's controversial meat dress worn at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, said Barton was in danger during the shoot.

"This raw meat stuff is getting old and may not only hurt and kill cows, it may hurt Mischa, because so much meat is infected with salmonella, E coli, and campylobacter that licking it is like licking a toilet."

In a separate statement, Shields defended the shoot.

"I did not kill the cow, I just bought the meat. If they feel like I should be using lettuce instead of meat, I will see if I can work that into something.

"I don't attack them for being non-meat eaters so I hope they can respect my choice as a human to eat it."

He also told EOnline.com: "I eat meat and I've always eaten meat and that's part of my life. But when they attack me as an artist and try and degrade Mischa, that's unacceptable.''

Barton, who has been little heard of since The OC wound up, is yet to speak out about the shoot.

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