Reformed drug addict Peter Robinson with wife Katherine, daughters Kahlan and Krystal and son Luke.
Reformed drug addict Peter Robinson with wife Katherine, daughters Kahlan and Krystal and son Luke. Contributed

Peter wins battle with addiction

WHEN people talk about hitting rock bottom, Peter Robinson knows what they mean.

Years of drug abuse and alcoholism pushed him to the brink.

Experimenting with marijuana as a young man, he moved on to some of the most dangerous drugs like Ice.

He pushed his family away, forcing a divide that his parents feared would never be filled.

Peter stretched his luck until it snapped when his partner packed up and left with their young daughter.

It was a simple note that forced the penny to drop for Peter: it's your family or the drugs.

Five years later, Peter has turned his life around.

After he pleaded guilty in Noosa Magistrates Court last week to a 13-year-old drink-driving charge, he opened up to the Daily about his incredible recovery from an addiction that threatened to take his life.

"I was on the brink," Peter said.

"I'd tried suicide a couple of times. Life was pretty sh**ty."

Peter went through a 10-month Bridge to Recovery rehabilitation program with the Salvation Army.

He has been drug- and alcohol-free for almost six years.

"I came home to an empty unit and Katherine (my partner) basically told me, 'If you don't do anything about your drug addiction then you won't see either me or your daughter again'," Peter said.

Peter's partner Katherine became his wife and the pair are back on the Sunshine Coast with their two daughters.

His father Wayne Robinson, who lives at Eumundi, said he could not be prouder of his son.

He said Peter became aggressive and "totally unreasonable".

"The hardest thing was seeing that," Wayne said.

"They become almost monster-like.

"And that of course has an enormous impact on their younger brothers and sisters and the whole family.

"At times you feel like severing the connection.

"But a parent can never lose hope."

Peter hoped his story would help other people face their demons.

"It might give some other poor bugger hope," he said.

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