Member for Fisher Peter Slipper.
Member for Fisher Peter Slipper.

Slipper forced to pay back $14,000

SUNSHINE Coast MP Peter Slipper has reportedly been forced to pay back more than $14,000 in taxpayer-funded entitlements.

Media is reporting this morning that the Liberal MP, who became parliament’s Deputy Speaker last month, let his family use travel perks in the wrong way.

The news comes after reports by the Sunshine Coast Daily over the last three months into huge expenses bills by the Member for Fisher.

The Daily reported that from August 10 until September 11 last year Mr Slipper’s taxi fares came to $4565.72, with an additional $542.92 spent on Commonwealth cars.

Liberal backbencher Teresa Gambaro today was asked whether News Ltd reports that Mr Slipper had been forced to pay back more than $14,000 in entitlements was revenge.

"That's just speculation," she told Sky News.

"But look, the entitlements are there for a reason and members have to adhere to strict guidelines and that's very clear to members."

News Limited is reporting today that its investigation revealed Mr Slipper spent $835 of public funds in six months on magazines about fashion, gardening, food and aquariums.

The report also says he breached rules by allowing his son Nicholas to use his Canberra-based car while studying at a school in Sydney.

It also found the office of former prime minister John Howard was warned by senior Liberal MPs of an “inappropriate” relationship between Mr Slipper and a staff member.

Other documents show he was asked to pay back almost $8000 in April 2003 for breaching the family travel entitlement, but there were a number of other occasions when he was also asked to pay back money.

These total more than $14,000.

The member for Fisher is being investigated by the Finance Department.


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